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As much fun as I have had with this car, I think Its time to retire
and let someone else have fun now

There are 1970 Dodge Challengers on the market, but there is only one
"CELEBRITY" like our car.

This sweet lady is the actual car from the NCIS season 6 episode 4 "Heartland"

She has a rich history in film. She was also driven by Jack Nicholson
in the "Bucket List" movie

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Movies: "The Bucket List","The Runaways".

TV shows: "NCIS", "Drive", and "Dirt", and commercials.

Magazines: "diecast magazine" issue 17 a 3 page feature, various musclecar magazines with 6 month of advertising for AMSOIL.

Diecast models: Greenlight diecast Co. 1/64th. and a 1/18th scale limited ed. of our car.

Display set up for CBS Affiliate NCIS Show , May 7, 2010 , at Phoenix Expo Center

Specs and details

challenger has new radiator, gas tank,
sending unit, and electric fuel pump.

included with the car is:
NCIS framed display
NCIS cast and crew caps
plus other display items

contact: dusty at (479)667-3791
or at

car trailer also available